Crazy Pelosi and Shifty Schiff Are Not Well!

Crazy Pelosi and Shifty Schiff Are Not Well!

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight: Americans are witnessing firsthand that Crazy Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Clown Adam Shifty Schiff are “not well.”

“It’s a lie,” Jon Voight said of the Corrupt Impeachment Inquisition.” “It’s the culmination of a commitment to take down this president.”

Adam Shifty Schiff commented on the Corrupt Democrats’ Impeachment Inquisition Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” and said despite an “ironclad” case against Donald Trump, he couldn’t say if his party will impeach Donald Trump or not.

Jon Voight told that the inquiry was a way of “exposing the truth,” saying Democrats are acting in “bad behavior”

“I look at the statements of Nancy Pelosi, I look at this fellow Schiff, Adam Schiff. It’s pretty clear there is something wrong here,” Voight said, “These people are not well and the audience is seeing the bottom line just as they’re seeing the bottom line with these debates. One ridiculous statement after another.”

“That’s who the Democratic Party is and they’re getting a view of it,” Jon Voight added.

Crazy Pelosi and Shifty Schiff Are Not Well!

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