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Impeachment-Obsessed Anti-Trump Demorats

Impeachment-Obsessed Anti-Trump Demorats

House Impeachment-Obsessed Anti-Trump Demorats appear to be moving full speed ahead in their Corrupt politically driven Backstabbing campaign to impeach Donald Trump.

Despite the lack of convincing evidence, in an effort to detract from his many achievements in office for the American people and lower his chances of reelection.

Instead of seeking evidence and testimony to draw a fact-based conclusion about whether Donald Trump’s conduct meets the very high bar necessary to justify impeachment, House Impeachment-Obsessed Anti-Trump Democrats began their Corrupt impeachment crusade with a clearly predetermined conclusion: Donald Trump must be impeached, no matter how weak and absurd the case against him.

The Impeachment-Obsessed Anti-Trump Democrats have been cherry-picking witness and one-sided evidence to build their Corrupt case against Donald Trump in what should more accurately be labeled a Corrupt Impeachment Inquisition than an inquiry.

But despite their headlong rush to build a case to overturn the results of the 2016 presidential election, Impeachment-Obsessed Anti-Trump Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee didn’t exactly exude confidence as they wrapped up the scheduled Public Hearing Circus of their Corrupt Impeachment Inquisition Thursday.

Impeachment-Obsessed Anti-Trump Demorats
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