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Shifty Schiff’s Schitt Medieval Inquisition

Shifty Schiff’s Schitt Medieval Inquisition

Devin Nunes slammed the Corrupt Medieval Inquisition inquiry process during his closing remarks at Wednesday’s Circus.

David Nunes compared the proceedings against Donald Trump to “three-card monte” and the medieval Inquisition.

Crooked Democrats like committee Clown Adam Shifty Schiff Schitt, Nunes claimed, promised a fair hearing, but have not yet delivered.

“What have they delivered? The impeachment version of three-card monte, the notorious short-con card trick where the mark — in this case President Trump and the American public — stands no chance of winning,” David Nunes said.

“The Democrats promised the whistleblower’s testimony — in fact, they told us we need to speak with the whistleblower.”

David Nunes said the Corrupt Democrats’ plans changed when reports surfaced that Shifty Schiff Schitt’s staff had been in contact with the Ukraine Backstabbing Fake Whistleblower.

Shifty Schiff’s Schitt Medieval Inquisition


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