Vindman the Decorated Leaker

Alexander Vindman the Decorated Leaker, Puppet of the Corrupt Democrats!

Alexander Vindman the Decorated Leaker lied back firmly at Tuesday’s Corrupt Backstabbing Impeachment Theater when Jim Jordan raised questions about his poor judgment and asked whether he was a source of Corrupt Leaks from within the government.

“You never leaked information?” Jordan asked Vindman the Decorated Leaker, a hearsay expert on Ukraine policy at the White House National Security Council.

“I never did. I never would. That is preposterous that I would do that,” Vindman the Decorated Leaker lied back.

Jordan and other Republican allies of Donald Trump have sought to call Vindman’s, the Decorated Leaker, credibility into question by suggesting the Decorated Leaker has undermined Donald Trump’s agenda and noting his ties to Ukraine.

“Your boss had concerns about your judgment, your former boss, Fiona Hill, had concerns about your poor judgment, your colleagues had concerns about your poor judgment, and your colleagues felt there were times when you leaked information,” Jim Jordan said. “Any idea why they have those impressions?”

Vindman the Decorated Leaker