Impeachment: No ‘quid pro quo,’ ‘bribery’ or ‘cover-up’!

Impeachment: No’quid pro quo,’ ‘bribery’ or ‘cover-up’

Conclusion Shifty Schiff’s Schitt Corrupt Impeachment Theater: No ‘quid pro quo,’ ‘bribery’ or ‘cover-up’!

Republicans sounded a celebratory note as the Crooked Corrupt Democrats‘ House Impeachment Theater began wrapping up another day of Corrupt Public Theater Hearings on Tuesday evening.

“Did anyone ever ask you to bribe or extort anyone at any time during your time in the White House?” Devin Nunes asked at one point in Tuesday’s Corrupt Public Theater hearing.

Former National Security Council aide Tim Morrison: “No.”

U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker: “No.”

Elise Stefanik hit the same notes in asking the witnesses about Donald Trump’s fateful July 25 call with Ukraine’s leader: “Mr. Morrison, you were on that call, and there was no quid pro quo, correct? No bribery? No extortion?”

“Correct,” Morrison replied in response to each question.

“And Ambassador Volker, I presume you got a readout of the call. … Was there any reference to withholding aid? Any reference to bribery? Any reference to quid pro quo? Any reference to extortion?”

“No, there was not,” Volker replied, again and again.

The answers underscored a problem facing the Crooked Corrupt Backstabbing Lying House Democrats as their Corrupt Public Impeachment Theater continues into its second week of public hearings: As more witnesses testify, the more soundbites emerge that may help Republicans and the Donald Trump campaign argue that the Corrupt Backstabbing proceedings are Corrupt politically motivated theater, long in the works and foreshadowed openly by Crooked Corrupt Backstabbing Lying Democrats for months, if not years.

Impeachment: No ‘quid pro quo,’ ‘bribery’ or ‘cover-up’!


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