Corrupt Dems Marathon Impeachment Scam

Corrupt Dems Marathon Impeachment Scam

With a Marathon Impeachment Scam, Corrupt Dems are in search of a Made-For-TV-Show moment to help sell the Corrupt Anti-Trump Scam to the American public.

The Crooked Corrupt House Democrats will use a Marathon of Impeachment Scams to inch False allegations of bribery closer to Donald Trump, gambling that the parade of Anti-Trump witnesses voicing concerns or distrust about his actions in Ukraine will finally move the Corrupt Needle of public opinion against Donald Trump.

The steady drip of Corrupt Leaks and Backstabbing Transcripts from Closed-Dungeon testimony and last week’s public hearings have had little impact so far on those backing Donald Trump, though the Backstabbing Crooked Corrupt Democratic Criminals appear locked on course to an impeachment vote anyway.

Crooked Corrupt Demented House Singer Nancy Pelosi Falsely Claims Monday that the case against Donald Trump is airtight and slammed Republicans for saying the Backstabbing Impeachment Scam was too close to the 2020 presidential election.

Corrupt Dems Marathon Impeachment Scam


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