Shifty Schiff Hollywood Fiction Writer

Shifty Schiff Hollywood Fiction Writer

Hollywood Fiction Writer Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff whose youthful wet dreams of being a successful Hollywood Fiction Writer never materialized, is proving to the entire world that Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff does indeed have a talent for concocting Corrupt Fictional stories.

Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff has pre-scripted a Televised Hollywood Production titled “The Corrupt Impeachment Farce Against President Trump.” The Corrupt story would be deemed too ridiculous and too damn boring to make it onto the silver screen as a Corrupt Drama, though it might succeed as a Fictional Comedic Farce, too silly to be taken seriously.

Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff has held Closed-Dungeon Castings, selected the actors and written the Corrupt 45-minute opening lies for each Corrupt act of his work of Corrupt Fiction. Corrupt Act II was held Friday, as Marie Yovanovitch testified before Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff’s Crooked Democratic-controlled Criminals.

Unfortunately for Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff, the American people know a Corrupt Farce when they see it, and his Corrupt Fictional Production is collapsing before his very crooked eyes. Though Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff has carefully orchestrated an attempted Sleazy Backstabbing Coup against the man who 63 million Americans elected as our president, Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff’s desperate Crooked Sleazy Political Attack on Donald Trump has been exposed as nothing more than a Backstabbing Witch Hunt.

Shifty Schiff  Hollywood Fiction Writer

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