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Adam Shifty Schiff’s Dirty Tactics

Adam Shifty Schiff’s Dirty Tactics

Adam Shifty Schiff’s Dirty Tactics: He hasn’t released transcripts of 4 Closed-Dungeon Depositions!

Jim Jordan expressed frustration Friday that Crooked Corrupt Backstabbing Liar Adam Shifty Schiff has not yet released the Corrupt transcripts of the Crooked Depositions from four witnesses who gave testimony behind Closed-Dungeon Doors in the Crooked House of Representatives’ Impeachment Circus into Donald Trump.

“The chairman has promised that we’d get to see the transcript,” Jordan said during Friday’s Televised Corrupt Impeachment Circus, “but there are still four people that we have not been able to see their transcripts.”

“Therefore, the testimony they provided, we’re not able to use in these open hearings,” Jim Jordan added. “If it’s an open hearing, all the available testimony of depositions that have been taken by the committee should be available to be discussed, for the American people to see.”

Adam Shifty Schiff’s Dirty Tactics


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