Impeachment Scam ‘Leftovers’ from Russia Hoax

Impeachment Scam ‘Leftovers’ from Russia Hoax

Donald Trump Fake Corrupt Impeachment Scam is like ‘Microwaved Leftovers’ from Russia Hoax.

The Donald Trump Fake Corrupt Impeachment Inquiry Scam, as it is being handled by the Backstabbing Crooked Democrats, seems more like “leftovers” from the Fake Backstabbing Russia Witch Hunt than it does a serious scandal.

The Backstabbing Crooked Democrats seeking Fake Corrupt Impeachment are treating the process in a Corrupt manner.

“This whole scandal feels microwaved to me,” “It feels like Russia was hot and this just feels like a bunch of leftovers,” Jesse Watters says.

Jesse Watters said Republicans put forward a serious witness list for Corrupt Chairman Backstabbing Crooked Adam Shifty Schiff. But doubted Crooked Adam Shifty Schiff would allow many of those individuals to testify.

Impeachment Scam ‘Leftovers’ from Russia Hoax


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