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Corrupt Impeachment The Real ‘Collusion’

Corrupt Impeachment The Real ‘Collusion’

Watch the Backstabbing Democrats’ Donald Trump Impeachment Show if you want to see real ‘Collusion.’

If you have a look at the Washington Corrupt Impeachment Inquiry Show into Donald Trump’s handling of the Ukraine call, this is what real collusion looks like!

A Fake Backstabbing Media largely committed to advancing the Coup of the Crooked Corrupt Democrats to severely damage or remove Donald Trump from office, a Corrupt series of at first Sleazy Criminal private testimonies by Backstabbing people who appear to have similar Crooked motives and Corrupt connections to the Criminal Democrats and/or anti-Trump Crooks. And now a new book by “Anonymous,” which claims Donald Trump has a bad attitude and is difficult to work with.

“Anonymous” is a Sleazy Backstabbing Lying Coward. The Anonymous Coward, apparently still works within the administration. A true patriot would resign and go public so their accusations could be tested. Writing a Backstabbing book like this while still working for Donald Trump is more than cowardly, it is also an attempt to disrespect and dishonor the people who voted for Donald Trump.

Corrupt Impeachment The Real ‘Collusion’


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