Corrupt Hunter Biden Collateral Damage

Corrupt Hunter Biden Collateral Damage

Corrupt Hunter Biden will be Collateral Damage as the Trump Fake Impeachment Show begins.

The Trump Fake Impeachment Show set to launch this week will give the Crooked Backstabbing Democrats the chance to make the Fake Case for why Donald Trump should face the prospect of removal from office, but the reputation of Corrupt Hunter Biden, whose Crooked Dealings in Ukraine touched off the chain of Criminal events leading to this point, could also take a Deserved Beating by the time the Corrupt Hearings are through.

Republicans signaled their intent to focus on Corrupt Hunter Biden when they sought him as a Criminal Hearing Witness in a letter sent over the weekend. The Crooked Backstabbing Democrats are unlikely to approve the request, but Corrupt Hunter Biden’s conduct may be an unavoidable topic in this week’s Corrupt hearings, given that witnesses’ closed-dungeon testimony to date has made clear some in the prior Corrupt administration held concerns about Corrupt Hunter Biden’s role on the board of the Corrupt Ukrainian natural gas firm Burisma Holdings.

Even without Corrupt Hunter Biden in the Fake Hearing Room, Republicans will be eager to publicly pry into those concerns, if only to offer justification for the act at the heart of the Fake Impeachment Show: Donald Trump’s request for Ukraine to investigate Corrupt Hunter Biden’s role, as well as former Corrupt Vice Clown Joe Biden’s connection to the firing of a prosecutor looking into the firm’s founder.

Corrupt Hunter Biden Collateral Damage


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