Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite

Corrupt Dems Impeachment is to Grab Power

Corrupt Dems Impeachment is to Grab Power

The Corrupt Crooked Democrats seek Trump’s Fake Impeachment to grab power!

The Corrupt Crooked House Criminal Democrats have tried to dress up the pig that is their Backstabbing Fake Impeachment effort against Donald Trump with the lipstick of a Sleazy resolution putting even more power into the hands of Crooked Criminal Nancy Pelosi and Corrupt Adam Shifty Schiff, both California Corrupt Democrats.

There is no “high crime” or “misdemeanor” committed by Donald Trump. Yet the Corrupt Crooked Democrats persist, like Don Quixote, on their Criminal Delusional Quest. Why?

The Crooked Corrupt Democrats relentlessly pursue Donald Trump, his family, his associates, his supporters, and the people who voted for him because Donald Trump is a pro-life change agent. The Crooked Corrupt Democrats also seek to cover up their Criminal Misdeeds in the 2016 presidential election, and ultimately, they desire total power to implement their Communist ambitions.

Corrupt Dems Impeachment is to Grab Power


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