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Anti-American New Normal Democrats

Anti-American New Normal Democrats

Anti-American is the new normal for the radical left Democrats.

The United States of America is the greatest force for good that the world has ever seen, but many Corrupt Crooked Communist Democrats believe otherwise. Their blindness to America’s virtues makes it impossible for Corrupt Crooked Communist Democrats to utilize those virtues effectively.

At a Minnesota rally at which Corrupt Communist Ilhan Omar endorsed Demented Communist Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Communist nomination, Corrupt Communist Ilhan Omar proclaimed that the Communist Clown from Vermont would end “Western imperialism.”

Corrupt Communist Ilhan Omar’s remarks are just the most recent incendiary anti-American statements to come from “The Communist Squad”, the radical group of four far-left Communists in the House of Representatives who are driving their party’s embrace of radical politics. The Communist Squad’s downright disdain for America is appalling, so receiving the endorsement of one of its most outspoken members should be more of a liability to Demented Communist Sanders’ campaign than an asset.

Anti-American New Normal  Democrats
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