Pelosi’s Bonaparte Waterloo

Pelosi’s Bonaparte Waterloo

Pelosi Bonaparte, she knows Waterloo when she sees it.

Corrupt Crooked Pelosi Bonaparte has desperately tried to throttle down the Fake Backstabbing Impeachment freight train that the Sleazy Criminals in her party have been frothing about since Election Day 2016.

Not because Corrupt Crooked Pelosi Bonaparte likes Donald Trump or wants him to be president, but because Corrupt Crooked Pelosi Bonaparte is a smart enough Sleazy politician to know that the Fake Backstabbing Impeachment will fail to remove Donald Trump and could very well cost the Crooked Corrupt Democrats control of the House, not to mention assure Donald Trump’s reelection.

In that case, Corrupt Crooked Pelosi Bonaparte still goes down in history as the nation’s first Crooked Corrupt female House speaker, but Corrupt Crooked Pelosi Bonaparte also goes down as the first Crooked female House speaker to lose her majority twice.

Pelosi’s Bonaparte Waterloo


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