Backstabbing Corrupt Impeachment Witch Hunt

Backstabbing Corrupt Impeachment Witch Hunt

With House passage of a Corrupt resolution formalizing their Backstabbing Corrupt Partisan Impeachment Witch Hunt against Donald Trump.

Crooked House Speaker Sleazy Nancy Pelosi and her fellow Crazed Criminal Radical Democrats have declared war on the duly elected president of the United States. Now it’s time for Republicans to draw up their own declaration of war against the Crooked Radical Corrupt Democrats.

The  Crooked Radical Corrupt Democrats, who didn’t pick up a single Republican vote for their Baseless Corrupt Sleazy Resolution to move forward with a Fake Kangaroo Court Masquerading as public Fake Impeachment hearings, are choosing to tear apart the country we all love because they are consumed by their burning hatred for President Trump.

This Clown Charade isn’t about anything Donald Trump has done wrong, because he hasn’t done anything to warrant the Crooked Corrupt Impeachment. Instead, the Backstabbing Corrupt Crooked Democrats are improperly using the Fake Impeachment process to weaken public support for Donald Trump in an effort to defeat him in the 2020 presidential election.

Backstabbing Corrupt Impeachment Witch Hunt


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