Pelosi’s Halloween Impeachment Show

Pelosi’s Halloween Impeachment Show

Backstabbing Corrupt Nancy Pelosi’s proposal to vote on formalizing procedures for the Fake Crooked Sleazy Impeachment Show into Donald Trump has splintered members of her own caucus clowns.

Backstabbing Corrupt Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the Backstabbing House Leadership announced they would hold a vote on Halloween to establish Sleazy procedures governing the ongoing Fake Impeachment Show. The Crooked Speaker, who for weeks had argued the House had no constitutional requirement to vote on authorizing a Fake Corrupt Impeachment Show, relented after coming under fire for keeping the process in the dungeon.

The fact that Backstabbing Corrupt Nancy Pelosi and the Crooked Democrat leadership are having serious difficulties keeping their Corrupt members in line does not bode well for the Fake Corrupt Impeachment Show. Compounding problems is that Republicans have become more emboldened and unified against the Sleazy Corrupt Crooked Criminal Impeachment Show.

Republicans, in particular, have been buoyed by polling showing only 36 percent of the American public believe the House should vote to impeach Trump. There is also increasing skepticism from even GOP moderates about the way Backstabbing Corrupt Nancy Pelosi and the Crooked Democrat leadership are breaking House precedent in their push towards impeachment.

Pelosi’s Halloween Impeachment Show


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