Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite

2020 Democrat Candidates Embracing Communism

2020 Democrat Candidates Embracing Communism

The 2020 Democrat presidential clowns are so enthralled by the fake media and far-left communists, they are openly embracing socialism and communism, even though only 12 percent of Americans identify as socialists and communists.

Medicare for All is straight-up communism. It’s stripping 150 million hard-working taxpaying Americans of the health insurance they are satisfied with to force us into a communist like one-size-fits-all, communist-run system. Remember how well that worked out for the Veterans Administration? How many people died?

Then the 2020 Democrat presidential clowns have “free” college on top of forgiving a trillion dollars in student loan debt that is owed to us, the hard-working taxpayers of America.

Don’t forget a guaranteed income for everyone, whether you work hard or stay lazy home all day smoking a joint in front of the Cartoon Network.

2020 Democrat Candidates Embracing Communism


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