Abuse of Power by America's Progressive Elite

Democrats Are Against Everything

Democrats Are Against Everything

Sen. Joni Ernst asked the Democratic Corrupt Losers to approve the United States–Mexico–Canada trade agreement.

Sen. Joni Ernst said she was disappointed that the Democratic Corrupt Losers were dragging their dirty feet on the bill on a trade agreement that would help American workers.

“It’s really, really unfortunate … It doesn’t matter where the president is, the left is always going to go, ‘Bad, bad, bad,’” Sen. Joni Ernst said.

She reminded the Democratic Corrupt Losers that the new trade agreement would help create 175,000 jobs across the country and that they had been dragging their dirty feet on passing it for 320 days.

“There are folks that are ready to have this thing done,” she said. “This is good for every American; I don’t see a downside to it. Let’s get it done.”

President Trump has repeatedly demanded that the Sleazy Crooked Corrupt Democrats move forward on his signature trade deal that will replace the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA.)

Democrats Are Against Everything


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