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SpyGate Nadler and Schiff

SpyGate Nadler and Schiff

The Crooks Corrupt lying Nadler and Sleazy Shifty Schiff become nervous!

Crooked Jerrold Nadler and Sleazy Adam Schiff issued a joint Clown statement Thursday evening accusing Donald Trump of politicizing the Department of Justice through a criminal investigation into the origins of the Fake Russia probe.

For many years, Crooked Shifty Schiff claimed that there was real evidence of collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign during the 2016 presidential election, but an investigation by Special Clown Counsel Sleazy Robert Mueller turned up none.

Instead, Crooked Shifty Schiff and fellow Crooked Democrats sought to block or discourage investigations into the origins of the Fake Russia investigation, including possible political bias by the corrupt law enforcement and Sleazy intelligence officials, and alleged criminal leaks of the names of Americans who were caught up in surveillance of foreign communications.

SpyGate Nadler and Schiff


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